Is Ketogenic diet Healthy & How It Can Help You Lose Weight?

Keto diet

As many times you all have asked for Ketogenic diet, here is some information about it. Ketogenic diet has become popular these days for its benefits on weight loss.

Before going ahead keep it in mind that this article is for your information purpose. Before making any drastic change in your diet, you need to check your blood reports, medical parameters. Then follow this diet under supervision.

What do we man by Ketogenic Diet?

Well, this diet include no carbs. Fats and proteins are used as a source of energy. Usually our food pattern is cereal based. Example – you take rice or roti in your large meals . They are rich in carbs. And Carbohydrates provide energy to do various activities. In Ketogenic diet carbohydrates are excluded. You get energy from fat like Olive oil, coconut oil or oil seeds and protein (eggs, chicken etc) .

Changing diet from carb based to fat / protein based affects metabolism. It creates ketones. Our brain needs constant supply of glucose. Now in this new metabolic state body get energy from Ketones.

And this process is beneficial in many diseases and conditions. This diet helps in lowering insulin levels.  Few yrs back Ketogenic diet was used to treat Elipilepsy.  It is also seen that this diet helps in managing hyper tension, Diabetes etc.

Which foods do you need to avoid in Ketogenic diet?

  1. As healthy eating rules suggest – Avoid sugar and sweets. They are the first on list. Chuck off sugar, brown sugar, honey, jiggery, any form of sugar from diet. Look for nutrition label for processed foods.
  2. Legumes and pulses as they contain some amount of carbs. This makes it hard to follow Ketogenic diet for vegetarians.
  3. You can take selected fruits like berries, besides that avoid all other fruits.
  4. Processed foods and unhealthy additives; avoid processed foods which contain trans fatty acids, added salt and sugar.
  5. Avoid alcohol completely as it can interfere Ketosis process.

Which foods can you add in Ketogenic diet plan?

  1. Make your meals based on fish, meat and chicken., Eggs are also best suited.
  2. You can add cheese, butter or cream
  3. Almonds, walnuts, flax seeds, chia seeds must be there.
  4. Replce your cooking oils with olive oil, coconut oil etc.
  5. You can think of adding whey protein supplements to improve on protein intake.

Before stating this plan you can go on low carb diet. Then avoid carbs completely. But make sure you are getting enough calories on daily basis. This will be depending on your Basal metabolic rate.


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