I know everything about losing weight, but still cann’t achieve!

weight loss failure

In my daily interaction with people, clients this is the common feeling “I know everything about weight loss. I am not supposed to eat junk, fried and sweets”. They taken up weight loss program again and again and fail everytime. Right fro expensive membership to various kinds of diet plans are tried and tested. But at the end of the game it comes to ‘0’.  There is a gap between knowing this and following it.

How many time you  have experiences that “I know about this diet or calculations to lose weight….”weight loss failure

You feel so…Then what is that stopping you from achieving your goal?

It s a simple mistake which we all do! We leave it when we say ‘I know this”. Only knowing facts and figure does not make a difference. You have bridge the gap between knowing and following it.

Bring it to action.

I start my consultations with one line ” this is a learning time for you – what works for you, suits to your body will guide you for life long” . Every individual has a unique system and you only know it better what works better for you. While signing up for weight loss program or gym membership make sure you follow these things.

Knowing the fact and applying it to daily life mindfully will give you an experience.

Find out what is your current health issue. You can maintain a diary and look for solution to it. Example – More than weight loss you need help to manage acidity. Find out which foods help you in managing acidity problem.See its effect on your health and if it s beneficial do continue rest of life. Leaving things half way around causes problem.

Lifestyle modification is a process to adopt healthy diet, fitness and behavior to favor healthy life.

You follow any kind of diet, fitness / workouts keep doing it – Practice it daily . results will come on its own.

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i am Divya working healthcare professional, a mother and musician who loves helping people find ways for healthy living, relationships, career choices, Fitness and physical health etc . Living healthy life and finding ways to make it happening in today's life is what i help doing people. Thank you for visiting my blog and stay tuned!

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