Long term health effects of consumption of French fries

french fries

What was the last time you enjoyed your crispy and hot french fries? Was is it in last week or even yesterday. But healthcare experts are not in love with french fries as they are loaded with agents which are heath effects food and are not good for heart health, blood circulation in the body and are causing cancer as per recent studies. french fries

Statistics suggest that in USA total consumption of french fries is of one-third of total vegetable consumption. This is an alarming number in concern with junk food consumption.  As mentioned in Wikipedia normal serving size of french fries in US McDonald’s is 5.4 ounces ( 154 gm) which provides 500Kcal. out of these 500Kcal 50% ie 225 kcal come from fat (gm fat). This is the simple calculation to give you an idea about excess calorie consumption due to large serving size and kind of junk food.health effects of french fries

What are the long-term health effects of consumption of french fries?

  • Acrylamide is the chemical component produced during processing of french fries.  If any starchy food (like potatoes) is cooked beyond 200 degree C, it produces acrylamide which is carcinogenic (cancer causing agent) in nature.
  • Recent research by Nuremberg Biomedical and Drug research institute suggests that Pregnant and lactating mothers should stay away from french fries due to its high levels of acrylamide. It is carcinogenic and neurotoxic for human being. health effect of french fries
  • Experts also suggests that home cooked fries can contain lower amounts of acrylamid. One has to rinse potatoes in running water and soak for few minutes. Then deep fry them. Make sure you do not use oil again and again for frying. Repeated heating of oil results in formation of trans fatty acids.
  • This deep-fried foods are high in saturated fat which is not good for heart health. It is a simple measure that if you are eating fried foods more than once a week, you are imposing heart health risk for yourself.
  • Salt intake is another issue with french fries. Excess salt intake is not good for heart health. It opens doors for first step of heart diseases ie hypertension (high blood pressure).  On an average large serving of french fries has 350 mg to 1300 mg salt per serve. American heart institute recommends that consumption of salt should be between 1.5 to 2.5 gm per day.
  • Trans fatty acids are a type of fatty acids which are produced on repeated heating of fat. hydrogenated fat are specially high in trans fatty acids. In processing food companies do use solid or hydrogenated fat for its lower cost aspect. But it is not at good for health.
  • Few of the food processing companies used vegetable oils in place of beef tallow or lard in preparation of french fries. Where animal fat is high in saturated fat at the same time vegetable oil increased amount of trans fatty acids.