How to Lose Weight

how to lose weight

Every person want s to shed those extra flab in tummy or over all body. Weight loss is not an easy task. It needs  dedication, learning, patience and courage to achieve desired goals. There are various ups and downs in weight loss journey. In today’s internet time we find it difficult to get quality information.

Here is detailed write up about how to Lose wehow to lose weightight – Step by step:


You can always seek an expert help to initiate your weight loss journey. But you can also do it on your own. Knowing your actual requirements is very important. Check your ideal body weight. There is a very simple and practical formula to check your ideal body weight:how to lose weight

Height in cm – 100= Ideal body weight

Eg- 160 (HT-160cm) – 100= 60 kg Ideal body weight .

You do not need to go to specialized calculators to know your goal. So, as per your ideal body range you can set your goal. This will be your long term goal. Experts suggest that you can keep your weight 5-10% less than IBW (but that is applicable when you reach to your goal).


Once you knwo your ideal body weight. divide it to small and short term goals. Eg –  if you need to lose 15 kg, make a short term goal of 5 kg weight loss in 2 months. Scientifically you can lose 0.5 to 1 kg weight per week, ie 2 to 4 kg weight per month. More weight loss than this is not scientific. If you come across to any products / services which claim instant weight loss are harmful to you. Make sure you stay away from those. weight loss

So your Goals will be: 1 Month – Shed 3 kg

2 Month – Shed another 3 kg

3 Month – Shed 2 kg and look for inch loss.

This goal setting is a very personalized thing. It varies individuals to individuals. What works for Mr A may not work in same way for Mr B. so be prepared for some experimenting also.


These are daily activities which you need to carry to achieve your goal weight. It includes following things – weight loss list

  • Portion control
  • Total calorie consumption / Weight loss diet plan
  • Daily exercise routine
  • Daily activity level
  • How to manage mood swings
  • Plan of daily activities

These are basis things which are essential to do one regular basis to achieve weight loss. Make sure where ever you go you carry your diet plan, exercise shoes and mats to not to lose focus.


startonce you are ready with above things you can get started with your routine. You need to stick to decided things. You can follow 80-20 rule. It means follow diet and exercise regimen for 80% time then you can cheat for 20%. Keep going and assess your achievement time to time. Eg – Check your weight every week on same day with similar clothing. everyday make sure you follow the diet and exercise plan. Do not give any excuse.

We are sure this simple action plan on how to lose weight will beneficial to you. Share it with those who need it the most.

Wish you good luck for weight loss journey!

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