Low Carb and High Fat Diet Can Help You Add Yrs to Life & Life To Yrs!

Low carb high fat diet

You must be bombarded with all these terms related to dieting everyday – Low carb, high fat etc. To be healthy you need to eat right food. Recent studies suggest reduce carbohydrates in your daily diet and increase fat intake.This helps in increasing life span and quality of life. How exactly you can do this?

Before heading talking more on low carb diet, lets understand what carbohydrates are?

Carbohydrates come from all cereals like wheat, oats, rice, milletes etc. They are main source of carbs. If you include them in processed form then they contain more carbs, less fiber and other nutrients. Processed carbs such as – bekery products, bread, cookies, frozen rotis / paraths etc.

You can also watch this quick video to understand more about carbs

Now What Do I mean by low carb diet?

It means you need to reduce consumption of cereals like roti, milletes, processed food, sugar, rice, etc in daily diet. once you reduce you have scope to add on other nutrient rich foods. Remember, i am not saying to starve but to change your food choices.

You must add up 3 to 5 servings of fresh fruits, vegetables and legumes in daily diet. 

This helps you in getting good carbs, fiber and protein.

At the same time you can improve your intake of healthy fat;

Healthy fats come from nuts and oil seeds such as flax seeds, chia seeds, almonds, pumpkin seeds, Hazel nut, olives, butter, etc.

Remember when you reduce your protein and fat intake you tend to eat more carbs: example – You skip on Roti + dal + sabji for meals and feel hungry by evening snacks. Thats the time whn your mind gets freedom from stress. Body is tired. Brain need glucose and your body goes in starvation mode. You end up eating anything that you come across – namkin, fried stuff, aeriated beverages etc.

You can easily bring in change in this habit. Understand your nutritional requirements. You can listen to our audio course about planning your own meals. And be prepared.

You need to simply replace these carb rich food with good fats. This simple change will help you in improving your quality of life.

Studies have proven that this small change helps in reducing death rate, reduce cardiovascular diseases etc.

You can book an appointment with nutritionist Divya and discuss more about your nutritional requirements.


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