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fit bit

Keeping fit and leading active life is important in today’s time. We have to do conscious efforts to live active life. In technology driven time, our lives involve more sedentary work and less moving around. This situation is putting negative effect on our organs and thus on our long-term health. There is so much buzz about activity, physical exercise, fitness, etc. Fitbit a technology driven company came up with the in age tech solution for th society who believes on ftiness and its impact on health. In 2007 founder Eric & James, thought to come up with a wearable device which will record and control your fitness moves. They have listed their more information on This device is exclusively available on amazon. Fit bit are wrist band, wireless trackers which can be carried during the workout time or whole day to record various parameters such as steps taken during day, quality of sleep bit

There are majorly four categories available:

  • Everyday Fitness
  • Active Fitness
  • Performance Fitness
  • Wi fi smart scale

How this fit bit tracker works?

It works on WiFi and record your reading on a dashboard. Its sensors work on three-dimensional acceleromete. One needs to set up decide on dashboard and add personal data. During day and night-time it records your steps taken, quality of exercise, calories burned, sleeping time, sleep quality etc is recorded. This device works on WiFi and once connected to laptop can transfer the data to dashboard. usage on fitbit website is free and one can create profile there to record the details.

Every Day Fitness Fitbit products are:

  • Zip- This simple device record steps taken during the day, calories burned and total active minutes. This can be synced with your dashboard smart phone to keep record.
  • One – This motivating device is a step forward to Zip. It record all above features and sleep quality. It suggest how well you fall asleep and set an alarm for next day.
  • Flex – This is basically a stylist wrist band to add a value to fitness attitude and lifestyle.
  • Charge – This mobile compatible device shows caller details. its special OLED screen shows daily stats, time, mode etc.

Fit Bit Fitness product Charge HR comes with more features such as recording heart rate, workout details, caller ID and exercise tracking. Its auto sleep alarm sets silent alarm and records sleep quality.

Latest Fit Bit Surge comes with more feature of GPS tracking. it tracks distance speed, elevation etc. It also provides controlled music track playing and notifications. it can automatically synced with smart phone apps or dashboard to record daily details.

This fitness gadget is available on amazon and it is widely accepted by here to see more –fit bit

All what matters is recording your daily activities and correcting your behavior next day based on its details. One can make a difference in fit and healthy living with such gadget. How is your experience with this???



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