What You Must Know About Alkaline Diet

alkaline diet

What You Must Know About Alkaline Diet

There are end no of diets in the market. You will get lot of information about different types of diet. But I would like to discuss about few diets which are helpful and advisable if you want to be healthy.

Today will be helping you understand Alkaline diet. This is the most simple and easy form of diet to follow. As the name suggests this diet is alkaline in nature and you need to avoid foods which are acidic in nature.

First lets understand; About Blood pH, acidic and alkaline nature of food

When you eat any food it get metabolized. It is broken down, required nutrients are absorbed and rest residue is excreted from the body. Now this remaining part of food is acidic or alkaline in nature. This affects your body. If you eat more acidic foods body has acidic effect and visa versa.

Now pH lower than 7 is acidic in nature. pH more than 7 like 13 is totally alkaline.

There are few foods which are acidic in nature. Example – red meat, dairy, fish, eggs, alcohol

Neutral foods are starches, fats etc.

Alkaline foods are: Fresh fruits, legumes, nuts etc.

So, what exactly is alkaline diet?

Alkaline diet is including alkaline foods in daily diet. At the same time is to avoid acidic foods. To follow this diet you need to:

Include these foods in daily diet:

Fresh fruits, vegetables, Nuts and oil seeds, Soybean products, Gluten free grains and Legumes

Avoid Foods like:

Meat, poultry, fish, dairy, eggs and alcohol

Yu will also come across to many products related to alkaline diet – alakine water, supplents etc. But you need go for all that. Making these small changes in the diet would help.

How alkaline diet can help you?

First and most effective benefit is on digestion. If you are the one suffering from acidic for yrs, you must try alkaline diet. This will help you in balancing pH in body fluids.

Alkaline diet helps in protecting your Bones. adding nuts and oil seeds in your diet (as they will be equillay giving you energy) is beneficial for bones. They help in maintain mineral balance and help builds lean muscle mass.  This also helps you in improving your vitamin D levels.

You can follow alkaline diet to lower blood pressure and prevent heart diseases. Balancing diet with fresh fruits and veggies help in eliminating inflammation (swelling on body), small aches and pains etc.

Alkaline diet is safe to use and does not have adverse effect.  Make sure you discuss once before making any drastic change your diet.




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