No Processed Food Day

no processed food

No Processed Food Day:  Saturday

Processed food term is not new to us. What does this means exactly? Is ready to eat or ready to cook foods are processed? Processed foods cover much larger aspect that this. Processed food is where natural food is altered in its natural form and has gone through processing like drying, fermentation, cooking (heat application) etc.unhealthy processed foods

Traditionally we do all these things while cooking food at home. In19th and 20th century food Industry took over and processing became business. This was helpful for people. Food which was already processed took less time for cooking or ready to eat foods saved all time and energy.

Processed foods are good and bad. In today’s time many diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer are caused due to faulty diet. Excess consumption of processed food is contributing to these issues.  Right from regular biscuit to canned fruit juices and noodles are loaded with additives. Food additives are added while processed to give rich look and feel and taste for the product. These additives are harmful for our health. Additives or in general language what we call as chemicals affect our health. MSG, Chemical Preservatives etc have ill effect on health.

Another side of the story is that these foods contain added salt, sugar and fat which are actually making our body work more. Every day if you are fighting to work in the gym and hogging on processed food then its of no use. Last time had seen how to ready Nutritional label on food product. Make sure next time when you grab a biscuit from a packet or fruit juice from a can you check its sugar content and fat%.  If Fat is <5gm per 100 gm then it is acceptable.  If it contains transfat – which is better to avoid. There are few more factors which you can watch here for nutritional lable: –

Important part to make you understand all this is to cultivate healthy eating habits. Food in natural form is always accepted by our body. Human body is meant to digest natural food not chemicals. How food is cultivated, which chemicals are used is not in our hands. At max we can go for organic food. We can find better and healthy food options to these processed food for sure.

Considering this fact, I invite you to celebrate one Friday Of every week as  “Natural Food Day”. Say no to all processed food which is loaded with chemicals, added salt, sugar, fat, transfat, saturated fat, corn syrup, additives etc. To list few of its examples:

Biscuits (regular ones and high fiber too)

All kind of bakery products – bread and puffs

Noodles, pasta

Canned fruit juice, sauces, ketchup

Savouries such as – namkin, papadi etc.

Replace all these choices by:

Fresh fruit

Fresh vegetables



Boiled eggs

Home cooked roti -rice – dal – veggie

Glass of water

Coconut water

Natural drinks

Milk and Milk products etc.

These Natural food choices will help you improve you fiber intake automatically. Increase healthy food intake and a right approach to healthy living. Let me know if you are ready to dedicate one day of your week for health reasons. Say ‘Yes, I am ready” here to set a step forward towards healthy you. I invite you to celebrate this Friday as “No processed Food Day”.

i am Divya working healthcare professional, a mother and musician who loves helping people find ways for healthy living, relationships, career choices, Fitness and physical health etc . Living healthy life and finding ways to make it happening in today's life is what i help doing people. Thank you for visiting my blog and stay tuned!


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