No Sugar Challenge: Day 11

no sugar challenge

Know hidden Sources of Sugar in processed food:  Processed food is part of our daily meals. This contains sugar. Foods like ketch up, sauces, biscuits, bakery foods, fried namkins etc contain sugar.

Next time when you grab a packet of namkin, read its nutrition label.

Nutrition label contains information about the food product. It provides information about sugar , fat, carbs etc. They also mention ingredients. Here you will find details about added sugar. In food processed sugar comes in different forms and names – corn syrup, maple syrup, dextrose, fructose etc.

To avoid sugar you need to know ‘how much sugar has been added to food preparation also’. This not only contributes to excess calorie consumption but also affects your health. This has negative effect on health.

As an action, avoid all processed foods. And select healthy food which does not contains added sugar.

no sugar challenge

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