No Sugar Challenge: Day 13

no sugar challenge

Learn reading Nutrition Label. Nutrition label will give you details about food product. It talks about how much carbs, proteins, fats you will get from one serving.

On daily basis we are tend to eat more processed food. It can be biscuits, bakery products, crackers. All these things contain sugar. Many people select high fiber biscuits over regular ones. But before making your choice you need to know how much extra do we need?

You must get 5 gram fiber from 100 gram food item. If it is not able to provide that then you can skip that. Similar way sugar content should not be than 5 grams per 100 gram food product. Usually biscuits contain 15 to 30  % sugar.

Today pick up any food item and check its  nutrition label, you will come to know.

no sugar challenge

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