No Sugar Challenge: Day 4

no sugar challenge

Kick Start Your Day Right:

As we discussed yesterday, small and frequent meals help a lot. Now lets start day right. Add up right breakfast. Studies suggest those who eat balanced breakfast have 50% lower sugar cravings.

Feed your cell right. Add Protein rich items in your breakfast. Right from milk with Muesli to egg omelette is good. Make sure you eat more Protein. It can be sprouts, milk, egg whites, low fat cheese, paneer, cottage cheese, Dals etc.

Quantity of your breakfast will depend. It may vary based on your exercise, routine, workout, work load, travel etc.  For now just add right food to your breakfast.

If you have sugar cravings during day time, add one fruit. If you are a night person and like to enjoy an ice cream then replace it with fruit yogurt. Remember, no sugar at any cost.!

no sugar challenge

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