No Sugar Challenge: Day 6

no sugar challenge

Add Natural Sweeteners to your preparations. i am not referring to Honey, molasses or brown sugar. Natural sweeteners such as cinnamon powder, fresh fruits, Dry fruits etc.

Cinnamon helps you take control of sugar cravings. It is naturally sweet in taste. You must have heard about apple cinnamon pie. Try preparing this dessert without adding table sugar. Increase amount of cinnamon. This single herb helps in managing your insulin levels.

You can also add fresh dates. They are naturally sweet in taste. Add dates to your poridge, kheer, cake etc. They also provide you iron and some amount of proteins.

Banana is another natural sweetener. next time when you crave for sugars grab a banana. You will feel better. And yes no need to feel guilty. As banana is good choice amongst all deserts and processed food. It provides you ninerals and also gives satiety!!!!

no sugar challenge

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