No Sugar Challenge: Day 8

No sugar challenge

Manage your Stress levels and hormonal changes:

How you feel is largely affected by hormonal changes. When you have cup of coffee- you feel good, feel energized. This is cause of feel good hormones are secreted. When you are stress you feel irritated and low on energy, this is again due to hormonal changes.

In stressful situations your brain asks for more glucose. in such situation energy stored in the body is used. At the same time your mind takes this as a signal- for sugar cravings. And you end up eating sugary food. Now, your body has double supply of glucose – But muscle are not active that time. So this glucose remains unused. And over the period of time it results in diabetes.

This is a very simple explanation about stress, glucose and sugar cravings. So, to take control on these reactions you need to be physically active. Exercise helps in maintaining good hormonal flow.

Avoid stress. This will prevent further chain of reaction. It has been more than 8 day we are on no sugar challenge and we would like to hear your feedback…how you are feeling by?

Nutritionist Divya

No sugar challenge

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