No Sugar Challenge: Day 9

no sugar challenge

Today we are going to focus on sleep! Yes sleeping more can help you take a control on sugar cravings.

How Sleeping more will help you?

Have you ever noticed that sleeping late in the night has ill effect on your next day? If, yes – then you must read this…Lack of sleep results in low energy. You mind feels lethargic. Body asks for more energy. As a result you eat sugary food. But even after that you do not feel good. And it actually mess up your day.

As we discussed yesterday, stress causes sugar cravings. And it is a vicious cycle. Only way to get out of this is to avoid sugar. Initially you may find it hard but later on your body gets used to it.

What ever tips I am sharing here – Sleep properly is very important amongst those. Take ample amount of rest. If you have cravings for sugar in afternoon – take a nap. I am not joking. If your office environment allows you, try this. Take a nap for 10-15 mins. You can simply relax on your chair. Close eye, deep breath and see the magic.

no sugar challenge

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