Quick 5 tips to Boost Your metabolism


Whatever food we are eating that gets digested. Where does food is digested, and time taken to digest is very important. This is known as metabolism. Usually have higher metabolism. Whereas fat people have slower metabolism.  Mean when they eat food it takes time to digest. That’s why they consume less number of calories. To lose weight it is very essential have high metabolism. So it helps in burning more calories. The result you lose body weight.

Here are 7 tips to help you and Boost Your metabolism:

  1. Make your meals protein based: Our diet is cereal based. Since our childhood we learned, that cereals are our staple food. I want to boost metabolism add, change this. Add more protein in every meal.
  1. Drink cold water: Drink water 15 mins before your meals. It’s well result in eating less food. If you drink cold water it will further improve your metabolism. Body burns calories to change the temperature. Pending on whether we can drink cold water.
  1. Exercise in daily routine: List of things while moving here and there. It give some work for your muscles. Also help in improving muscle mass. also learn about Intensity workout. Will help in increasing metabolism.
  1. Stand up for the longest time: If you are interested job and you need it. Setting is like smoking. It slows you down. It’s your calories. So make use of standing desk.
  1. Get enough sleep: Sleeping for less than 7 hours hampers overall health. It changes the way food is metabolized in our body. Also cause some hormonal changes. To get 7 to 8 hours of good sleep.

Start following this quick tips from today. Improve your metabolism. Improve the way food is digested in your body. You will automatically start losing weight.

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