Secrets To Alter Your Gut Micro Flora & Improve Your Weight Loss, Memory & Diabetes Instantly

gut micro flora

Gut micro flora affects your health to a great extend. What you eat affects at every level of your health. This is majority influenced by micro organisms present in your gut. We know that we have thousand no of bacteria and viruses. Few of them are helpful.

Recent studies suggest gut micro organisms also affect your DNA make up. This affects your health in long run. It helps in improving your immunity against few diseases.

Processed foods loaded with sugar and refined flour affect gut flora negatively. They vanish healthy bacteria in gut and thus are linked to weight gain and obesity related issues.

Few healthy bacteria are associated with fiber rich foods. They contain and help them grow in gut. Bacteria such as muciniphelia helps reduce body fat percentage.

Fermentation process improves micro organisms in food. They are called as Probiotics. Probiotics help in inflammatory diseases such as Irritable bowl syndrome. This inflammation is also affected on memory and brain activities. Helpful microbes prevent these inflammatory actions. And enhances basic functioning.

Natural foods such as whole foods, fiber rich foods, fermented foods are healthful in this sense. At the same time sugar and sugary food encourage yeast growth which affects these helpful bacteria’s negatively.

Improving gut flora helps in type 2 diabetes. Basically increased fiber intake promotes healthy bacteria. They bind with excess sugar, improve insulin response. Thus helps in improving blood sugar levels.

gut micro flora

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