Small & Frequent meals Vs Fasting? What is beneficial for you…?

intermittent fasting

You look at any diet plan and 80% plans suggest you to take small and frequent meals. In todays time there are few experts who suggests to go for intermittent fasting for weight loss, blood sugar control and over all better health. What is the truth??

Before going ahead  Let me explain you what are small and frequent meals?

Small and frequent meals are – 3 to 6 meals within 24 hours of the day. Basically small and frequent meals help you to keep up with metabolism. High metabolism helps in fat loss.

In few studies it was found that no of meals does not affect metabolism much. In fact it affects over all calorie intake. Pls keep it in mind that your calorie intake is total no of calories you need in a day. Example- it can be 1200 kcal, 14 Kcal etc. If you get these many calories in 1 or 2 meals that hardly affects. BUT, if your eat less (less than 100 Kcal) then it will affect your metabolism .

High metabolism means: – To get energy you eat food. Your body breaks this food . It converts into energy. This process is done at specific speed. For few people this process is done prity fats where as for few it is slow. So in slow metabolism person eats food but his body cells do not get instant energy.  This is the basic difference in high and slow metabolism.

Now if you have high metabolism then consumed food is used for energy purpose. And energy is not stored in the form of fat. So, your will not gain weight rather you wont gain fat cell. This is healthy scenario. on other side, slow metabolism leaves you with less energy, lethargy feeling etc.

During fasting also know as intermittent fasting you need to eat all calories in one hour and fast for remaining 24 hrs of the day. They say this helps in taking control of blood sugar levels. It also help you to detox, remove all toxins from the body. it helps lower heart rate and blood pressure. But make sure you should never fast for more than 36 hours. If doing so consult experts. It can have adverse effect on your health.intermittent fasting

At the same time fasting also have few negative effects on health:

Person feels low on energy, can feel depressed, deficiency of vitamins and minerals etc. Main effect this has on your muscle mass. As we have discussed about metabolism, fasting reduces your muscle mass. Cause to maintain muscle mass body needs regular supply of proteins. It helps in maintaining nitrogen balance. Person trying to lose weight needs to consider this. Reducing muscle mass is not beneficial.

Muscles help you to tone your body. High muscles mass uses more calories. Thus it also correlated with high metabolism .Intermittent fasting has negative impact on muscle mass, vitamin and mineral levels etc. So, to answer your question about small and frequent meals & fasting, you need to make wise decision. Always discuss your health goal with experts and then make changes. intermittent fasting can be included once a week. So, other days of the week ytou can compensate for losses(vitamin,  mineral and muscles mass) .

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