How did Smriti Met Her Weight loss Goal in 6 months?

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Today I have a story to share with you. Very special story.

In my routine practice Smriti approached me for her weight loss struggle. Being in late 20s she was career aspirant and New home maker. Her stressfull work left her no room for cooking and exercising. Since her childhood she was on bulky side. Various times she gave up on her weight loss efforts for reasons. Some times it was no time for exercise, some times it was FOOD. This time she was completed prepared to lose weight and be on her ideal no on weighing scale.

Understanding her situation we started with a basic plan. She started taking out 20 mins in the morning for her workout + 20 mins for cooking. We sta down and actually found out healthy recipes which will help her. Her weekly plans helped her to Plan her week.

In first week it self she lost 700gram which was biggest boost for her. She continued in her 2nd and 3rd week with another 2 kg weight loss. Within these 3 weeks she changed only 3 things:

  1. Continuous food planning as per her routine and requirements ( BMR and working routine)
  2. Started with 20 mins exercise (It helped her as she was not active at all).
  3. Improving fiber intake. As a strategy we started with high fiber diet from 2nd week.

After 6 weeks she lost 3.5 kg. and weight was stuck. That’s the time she started getting hyper. Her concern was – why she is not able to change this now ? By this time she was @ 67Kg. Her target was still long way. Her ideal weight was 55, which was long way for her.

In following 3-4 weeks we made changes in Diet and exercise again. This time it was little tough:

  1. Exercise time was extended to 40 mins from 20 min. (20 Morning+ 10 Lunch time + 10 min in the evening)
  2. High protein foods: Her protein intake was improved. We changed the nos.

So on she went on to her weight loss journey over 20 weeks. She lost almost 6 kg and was at 60 kg. By this time Smriti was most healthy, active and productive. Besides weight loss she experienced better sin health, good textured hair and improved mental balance. Her work performance was also improved. Now she was not distracted with her Weight. Every time she was able to focus on her performance.

Moral of the story is every person has some or the other stumbling blocks for weight loss. But you need to accept one thing, only you can help your self. Experts are there to guide you. Whats your concern about weight loss? Whats stopping you from being healthy? You can share it here:

i am Divya working healthcare professional, a mother and musician who loves helping people find ways for healthy living, relationships, career choices, Fitness and physical health etc . Living healthy life and finding ways to make it happening in today's life is what i help doing people. Thank you for visiting my blog and stay tuned!


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