Strategies to lose more weight with the help of Mobile apps

weight loss strategies

Which is the fitness app you are using to stay fit and keep diet on track? There are top mobile apps available for free such as My fitness pal, Calorie finder, Spark people etc. There are few mobile devices available in the market which record your fitness related details and sleep quality. Read more about latest fit-bit bands which are widely available in market.  These mobile apps provide food diary where you can track your daily calorie intake, nutritive value of the food and exercise done. Know more about how to maintain food diary. But, after doing all these efforts if you are not able to lose weight or achieve your health goal, following tips will help you. Make sure you follow these things to be successful in your efforts.weight loss strategies

Strategies to lose more weight with the help of Mobile apps:

  • Start with a plan: once you have your desired mobile application installed on your smart phone make sure you start your weight loss plan with a decided goal. Many applications ask you to register on their site / app and give you options to write profile details. Before entering your data keep your measurements handy:
    • Weight in Kg / lbs
    • Neck measurements
    • Waistline ( 1 inch below belly)
    • both arms meassurement
    • hips (measure widest part of hips)
    • Both thies
  • Add your goals accurately: Mobile helps you track your daily / weekly and monthly progress. So add your weekly and monthly goals rightly. You can measure your success. Eg – Lose 1 kg weight per week is your weekly goal. At then end of the week you can enter what is exact weight for that day and compare. If you fail to visualize your goals your efforts will not be useful.
  • Be a part of community: – There are challenge groups, communities where people share their experiences, fears, challenges and learning. These are real motivators for an individual. Instead of keeping a solo journey, it is always better to be in like minded people. Spark people has very active community where readers and followers are helpful.
  • Track things to the minute detail: – Enter if you have small bite of cookie or pastries or even a glass of beverage. Unknowingly these things adds up to your calorie consumption. Slowly you will start realizing about your food consumption and will make consciously healthy choices. About fitness and exercise, using steps counter will make a lot of difference. Pedometers are helpful in counting your daily steps taken and total calories burned. It will help you as a motivation.
  • Keep it Personal: – Every individual has his own tendency to react to exercise and weight loss efforts. Keep a watch on your signs and symptoms and make changes accordingly. Eg – Some people lose weight with low sodium in second half of the day, while some find it difficult to keep off salt till night. There can be some other strategy which will work for you.
  • Seek an advice from experts: – Prior starting your program, discuss with experts once. If you are a hypertensive, diabetic or heart patient, special instructions will help you.

Have you applied these things while following fitness or weight loss mobile apps. Lets our fellow readers know what your experience was??

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