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habit revolution

At every point of time we all are striving to go to next level in our lives. What it takes to go to next level and make a difference is it a new degree, earning more money or changing the job. Well I learned that answer for all these questions or options was NO. It is about developing habits to make yourself world class performer. Habit revolution group helps you to achieve that.We all are gifted with 24 hrs a day. We all are gifted with these 24 hrs per day then may it be top performer like  athlete or a successful business man or a Home maker, what matters is how you utilize your time and energies to be a better person. I am greatly thankful to Trainer Venkat for taking this initiative and making us adopt these wonderful habits.

habit revolution

While I was thinking about how it has benefited me over the period of months and then realized it is making lot of difference in my day to day activities. Simple thing we do is to play with no. While I was trying to adopt phone no from a list of contacts, realized that once i read 10 digit no, i can remember it in one go. We get so many messages (called as OTP ) to complete online bank transactions and we need to complete it within time and need to write the no. Surprisingly I started realizing that I can read that no for 2 times and then easy write it on my computer screen or any where else (where it has to be written). May be it is the smallest to small thing to appreciate, but slowly and steadily it is making lot of difference in my daily chores. After revealing this secret I was very happy and at some level i boosts my confidence. I remember my school teacher used to tell us to remember spelling or nos written on board and then write in note book (Do not look at it again and again – grab it in one go). Today got to know how it can be done. Amazing it is…isn’t it????? As per my challenge wanted to work on improving my concentration levels and it shows that it is on right track. Life is strange, we are surrounded by our answers and we keep on running here and there as if we have lost it. It is no so, you have the answer.

Second most important thing happened to read a book. Recently completed reading book in less that 20 days. Although this book is not too big, but its an achievement. After doing all duties, work responsibilities and family roles, could complete reading book after a long time. As we go along in our lives we miss out on few good habits. Rather we get overwhelmed by our added responsibility. Change is inevitable and we need to adopt with it. Some how realized that added responsibilities limit us which is not true. We need to get going with the change without resisting it. Bring that change in your self . It works amazingly. I am so much thankful to learn this law once again in life. They say invest in education, so start reading stuff- but we have so many options available today, it is difficult to make your own choice. It is helpful to be in touch with positive people and learn from them.

There are many more things which are benefiting me through Habit revolution group. how is your experience and learning so far.  Once again I am thankful to the universe for giving this opportunity and connect with right people. Thank you so much coach and fellow members!

Cheers 🙂



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