Tips on Cheese Storage and Usage


Cheese being a milk product is a perishable item. It needs proper storage and handling. Cheese storage is needed to avoid contamination and spoilage.

 Here is a take away message on buying and storing your cheese for better quality:
·         One needs to make sure that the cheese packet is intact and contents inside the packet are fresh.
·         As per FDA regulations cheese manufacturers need to mention details related to refrigeration, ready to eat or hazardous.
·         If you are willing to store the cheese for more than three months store it in air tight container.
·         Cheese cubes can be stored in clean and dry place wrapped in butter paper in refrigerator.
·         Special cheese mats are available in the market to cut and store the cheese. Cheese domes are also useful in storing.  They can be cleaned after every use. Any cheese which cut and left over after use can be stored under cheese dome.
·         Any cheese packed and wrapped needs to be checked for quality.  This can be done periodically as per the use and storage.
·         Avoid freezing cheese as it affects the texture. Frozen cheese will not be useful to add as a topping, it can be used in cooking instead.
·         Feta cheese needs to be stored with its brine. Cover it with air tight lid. It must be stored in refrigerator and consumed within 3 to 4 days after purchase.  It can also be stored with olive oil. Olive oil plus some herbs can be poured on top of the cheese which will enhance the flavor.
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