Top 4 Health Gadgets You Must Have While Being on Weight Training Plan

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I personally use some of these gadgets to track my workouts. Weight training is good for your fat loss, muscle building and bone health. If you are investing so much time and energy on workouts you also must have following gadgets to record your progress.

I use these gadgets in my training work and thought it will be useful for you too. So here we go:

  1. Salter Weighing scale: –

Your weight consists of body fat, bones, muscle mass and water. This weighing scale helps you record all these parameters. Easy to use and carry. You simple need to track your number every 15 days on salter weighing scale. With your weight loss efforts you need to look for fat loss, improve water levels and increase muscle mass.  You can check this here – 


2. Kg dumbbells: –

If you intend to do your workout at home – go for dumbbells. For beginners 1-3 kg set is suitable, For intermediates 5-7 kg dumbbells are useful. Check your options here:

3. Resistance band;

This band helps me to be active while I travel. This small band can fit in to your traveling kit. You can do 5-8 exercises along with it. It helps you stretch and exercise for your muscles. Beginners can go for 7 kg band while intermediates can look for 15kg.


4. Fitness bands:

They help you track your heart rate, sleep pattern and energy expenditure. These wrist bands are most helpful to track heart rate. This will help you understand if you are on active life style or sedentary. If you are a beginner can go for any band which provides regular parameters. As you start working on your targets you need bands with special requirements. Check it here :


Its worth spending on technology. But make sure you select gadgets based on your requirements.

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