Top 7 celebrities with Type 2 diabetes

celebrities managing type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is widely spread worldwide and is preventable disease with lifestyle modification. Experts are creating awareness about lifestyle modification to delay the onset of diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity etc. 90% diabetics fall under type 2 diabetes category. It is affecting anyone at any age and syage. Here are few famous Hollywood celebrities who have accepted the fact and now spreading a word about type 2 diabetes and its risk. These celebs had some or the other risk factor for developing type 2 diabetes such as as over weight, personal habits, diet etc.

Celebrities with Type 2 Diabetes:celebrities managing type 2 diabetes

Tom Hanks: who is an American Actor and film maker was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2013. He is recognized for his roles in Big, Philadelphia, Apollo 13 etc. As mentioned on he had gained 30 pounds due to this condition and he lost more than 50 pounds for his film.

Delta Burke who is a designer and actress was shocked after diagnosed for type 2 diabetes in 1997. He started campaigning with Byetta about Lets Talk. Here she mentioned that she checks her BSl in public. Such campaigns work on creating awareness about the condition and share importance of healthy and balanced life. Since then she is on regular medication to manage type 2 diabetes and is following healthy food and exercise routine.

Drew Carey is a comedian and known for curing his Diabetes. Reportedly he was diagnosed with diabetes and went on strict diet and lost good 50 pounds. He is hosting one reality show where he mentioned that he is sick of seeing himself as bulky man. As reported by few news channels, his diet contains no carbs but majorly proteins. He is following regular cardio workout routine and is able to sustain his results.

Chaka Khan is a well known singer. She was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2011, since when she applied lifestyle modification principles. This Grammy Award winner singer used to be depressed. Then she took a mission to make it healthy and started with light exercise, regular and small meals which helped her to shed some weight. Leaving favorite food like pasta to low carb and high protein choices gave her health back. She is now spreading a word about healthy living with her campaigns.

Randy Jackson a famous musician is known for his health story. He was a judge for American Idol music show.  When he was diagnosed with diabetes was weighing more than 300 pounds. Then he went for weight loss surgery and lost significant amount of weight.

Halle Berry is a famous actress. She was shooting for a TV show when she collapsed and then was diagnosed for diabetes. She was well within weight. Only risk factor for her condition was ethnicity. After this incidence she has maintained it with healthy diet and exercise.

Shery Shepherd a TV show host was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2009. Her mother died of similar disease at 41 and she was diagnosed with diabetes at 40. Doctors alarmed her about her condition which was a turning point. She has adopted lifestyle modification and regular exercise to manage blood sugar levels.

These celebs are real motivation for us to keep up with our health approach and good living. What is your story over diabetes to share???

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