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Going cheesy way is favored by most of us. Right from kids to elderly in house enjoys cheese. Usually cheese is made from cow’s milk but they also use goat’s milk, sheep, buffalo, reindeer, and camel milk to prepare quality cheese. Cheese making has 4000 yrs history with different innovations, flavoring and textures. Here are few popular types of cheese used worldwide in different preparations:

·         Pecorino Romano: Italian cheese is made from 100% sheep’s milk. In America it is also made from cow’s milk. As the name indicates this type of cheese is originated in ancient Roman times. It comes with hard texture, sharp and salty flavor. It is widely used for grating on pasta dishes, breads, casseroles etc. Only drawback of this type is sharp saltiness. Pecorino contains 50% fat with natural pale yellow color.
·         Cheddar Cheese: Widely used cheese type worldwide is made from cow’s milk. It is originated in England and in today’s time mostly produced in all countries.  Properly cured cheese is hard and crumby in texture. The flavor and texture is obtained by maturing this cheese for 9 to 24 months. It is used for grating over pizzas, sandwiches, cooking with cheese include cheese biscuits etc. Best cheddar cheese flavor is obtained after maturing it for 3 yrs and 5 yrs matured cheese is kept for special occasions.
·         Swiss cheese: Swiss cheese comes with sweet and mild nutty flavor. It is firm in texture. This kind of cheese has eyes while some may not have. Attractive flavor of Swiss cheese depends on eyes, larger the eye; greater is the flavor of the cheese.  Swiss cheese is mostly enjoyed with fresh fruits, slices ham, salami etc. Red wine, fresh fruit juice, cranberry juice and vegetable juices are usually served with this cheese.
·         Gouda Cheese: Gouda, a Dutch cheese named for the city Gouda in Netherlands. Produced from pasteurized milk is ready to use within few weeks’ time after processing. It is smooth in texture. It is combined with other cheese types to enhance the flavor. In some regions it is also processed from goat’s and sheep’s milk. It comes with 31% fat and 958 mg calcium / 100gms.
·         Feta Cheese: also known as Greek cheese is originated in Greek. 30% goat’s milk and sheep’s milk is combined to produce quality feta cheese. Brine solution is used to give salty and tangy flavor to this cheese. It is widely used as table cheese and on preparations such as Greek salad, pizza, pie etc. This is classed as healthiest form of cheese. Pregnant ladies must consume only pasteurized feta cheese.
·         Mozzarella cheese: Originally Italian cheese is cured and can be sliced to serve. Originally it is prepared from buffalo’s milk but now manufacturers do use cow’s milk also. Like other types of cheese is not matured for longer times. It is usually consumed with few hours after processing. This is widely used on salads, meat, sea foods etc. its fat content is 45% and provides 403 mg calcium per 100 gms.
·         Cottage Cheese: This curd produced cheese comes with mild flavor. They use different types of milk to produce cottage cheese which makes it different from other types of cheese. It contains moisture and is creamy and crumby in texture. It is enjoyed with fruits, toasts, salads etc. it is very low in fat and rich in protein content.
·         Ricotta cheese: Italian fresh cheese is made from cow, goat, buffalo, and sheep’s milk. It provides low fat percentage and rich in proteins.  Traditionally Ricotta cheese is smooth in texture than cottage cheese. It is sweet in taste and has moisture. It is used in preparations like cheesecake, lasagna, pizza, cheese dips etc. 
·         Goat Cheese:  it comes in many forms but soft cheese is famous which is used as spread. It gets tangy flavor of goat’s milk.
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