Is Usage of Air fryer Healthy or Harmful?

air fryer

In last few decades we had enough discussions on is microwave cooking good or bad. Since last few yrs air fryers are hot on market.No oil, no frying and affordable cost. These are the hot selling features of air fryer. Here are insight on questions related to air fryer.


What is air fryer?

It is a use of technology to cook food. Hot air is blown in side the fryer to cook food. In simple words a fan fitted inside blows hot air to cook food with crisp surface. This crip texture is generated due to milliard reaction. This is a typical cooking effect on food.

What are the benefits of air fryer for health enthusiast?

first and important benefit is ‘fat free frying‘. In country like India where snacks and savories are loaded with fat and oil, using air fryer is helpful. One can use minimum or no oil for rearing french fries, samosa, pakora etc. All market products do provide cook book along with device to make it easier for you.

Few more added advantages what users list are:

  • short cooking time
  • easy to handle.
  • Quick to lean and maintain.

As it does not need oil for cooking hot air is used to cook food.  No use of oil avoids mess and maintains cleanliness.

Any limiting factors?

the size of the unit is big but offer small room to cook food. It is usually suitable for family of 2-4 members. It also experienced that outer cover of the airfryer get hot while unit is in use. This need careful handling. Care needs to be taken in case f kids and small children.

Is it goof for Health?

Since food cooked in air fryer contains 80% less oil, it is healthier. There are few sensory tests done on food cooked in air fryer and is under rated. But when it comes to weight loss, diabetes management or cholesterol control cooking food in air fryer is better option. One can rely on its usage.


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