What will be your Health Status 1yr from now?

health status

Health is the biggest treasure we have got by default. Some realize this and some do not. It is a treasure so needs to be maintained. Health is living disease free life at physical, social and mental level. What and how you act today is going to affect your health status tomorrow. Here are few questions which will determine your health status one yr from now. This is also going to have long term effect on your personal, social, financial status.

  • How do you manage your hunger?
  • How do you manage your food habits?
  • How do you handle your physical activity schedule?
  • How do you manage your medication if any?
  • How do you take care of your small aches and pains?
  • How much processed food you consume?
  • How do you manage stress – mental, physical and financial?

health statusHunger is a trigger. It triggers requirement for food. But how many times do you feel hungry? Kids feel hungry. They demand for food. It is essential to feel hungry. If you are merely eating food on time or serving your temptations – that might not be hunger. Feeling hungry stimulates essential enzyme and hormones to digest food in our body. If you do feel hungry, it is a sign of good health. Manage this hunger with healthy food. If you do not fee hungry there is something wrong.

Food habits are affected by many aspects. Including cultural food and locally available food has positive effect. Instead of running behind specific diet make sure you are eating what your grandparents ate. Every culture has unique food habits. It makes suitable for environmental conditions too. Example – Rajsthani adding ghee to rotla is perfect. They live in desert where ghee plays important role. Although has to be in association with your activity level. Eating food of old time and doing sitting job will not help.

Human body is made up to do activity. Indulging in activity makes bones and muscles strong. Physical activity is not only limited to gym, workout or fitness. It is being active whole day. If you are active for 3 to 5 hours every week it reduces risk for diabetes and heart diseases by 40%. For all coming years if you to choose to be active, you choose to be disease free. If you have family history of diabetes, thyroid, heart disease, cancer the physical activity is must for you.

Medication affects our health largely. Taking medicines for small aches and pain, cold, fever etc affects your natural immunity. These medicines have effect on our liver and kidney. They make them work extra. It is always better to cure naturally than going for medicine. Well, on other side some conditions require medication. Like high blood pressure. One should not stop medicine without medical advice.

Small aches and pains are part of your daily life? Only you can answer this question – when it was last you had a pain in your shoulder / neck / back / upper back / lower back/ headache? These are most common areas where small aches and pain is seen. If it was once in last 15 days, you need to work on this. This small pain is eating up your energy. Holding you back from concentrating on your work and making you irritated. Simple exercise and right diet helps in dealing with this complaint. You do not deserve to live in aches and pain.

Processed food- Easy, quick and available at affordable price. Processed food industry has done revolution in mankind’s life. This processing has also washed off all the nutrients from food. Food additives make it more tasty but not healthy. Noodles, biscuits, bakery products, bread, packaged juices, soups etc are loaded with unhealthy ingredients. It is alarming If your days are filled with processed food today. They provide excess sugar, salt and no fiber. These three aspects are enough to avoid processed food.

Health is a complete system which is affected by inner and outer world. What your put in gives results like they say you are what you eat. Beyond that if you have mental and physical stress it asks our system to work more. It is in relation with hormonal balance. Mental stress sis one part, we are also exposed to pollution. May be that is out of your control. But including natural and nutrient dense foods help in managing this stress.

To be healthy or not is your choice. But cost of medication is much higher than making healthy choices today. It not about knowing these facts but acting on it.

i am Divya working healthcare professional, a mother and musician who loves helping people find ways for healthy living, relationships, career choices, Fitness and physical health etc . Living healthy life and finding ways to make it happening in today's life is what i help doing people. Thank you for visiting my blog and stay tuned!

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