August 2023


Upcycling Old Bikes – DIY Projects for Kids and Parents

Outgrown or damaged old adults and kids’ bikes pile up in garages across the country. But with a bit of creativity and elbow grease, those tired frames can experience new life. The folk at Woom say that upcycling retired rides into DIY projects is a fun activity for crafty kids and parents.

Bike Planters

Transforming a busted bike missing wheels into a quirky planter is simple. Remove cranks, chain, and pedals so it sits flat; spray paint the frame a bright color; drill drainage holes in the bottom bracket. Fill frame tubes with potting mix and flowers and add moss or vines to handlebars for a whimsical garden accent.

Wall Hook Rack

Mount a bike on a garage or shed wall to hold hooks, tools, hats, or supplies. Remove wheels and turn handlebars sideways. Screw sturdy hooks into wood boards and hang from bike frame with durable cables. Create custom hooks from plumbing parts, ropes, or chains. Add shelves above or below using wooden planks or metal tins.

Bike Tire Swing

An old bike tire becomes the base for a backyard tire swing with a little DIY ingenuity. Remove the tire from the wheel, cut three equal lengths of ropes or chains, drill holes in tread edge to attach ropes 120 degrees apart and hang from a tree branch and add a wood disc seat.

Bike Wheel Wind Chimes

Put your bike graveyard to musical use by crafting wind chimes from old wheels and parts. Remove spokes leaving just the rim bracing. Cut spokes to equal lengths, hang from rim holes using fishing line, and add dangling pedals, bells, gears, or reflectors for visual and tonal accents.

Kitchen Utensil Holder

Mount a bike wheel sideways on a wall or cabinet to neatly corral cooking utensils. Remove tire and tube, spray paint rim a bright color, screw wheel to wall through hub center, loop utensils and tools through individual spokes. Then spin the wheel to access items. Match kitchen decor by painting rim or adding spoon/fork handles.

Pet Feeder Stand

Keep pet food bowls up off the floor on a stand hand-crafted from a kids’ bike. Remove pedals, cranks and chainrings. Flip bike over so seat and handlebars act as legs. Stabilize by hanging wheels and frame from garage rafters with wire. Position bowls on cross bar or child seat area. This is ideal for garages or covered patios.

Bike Tire Mirror

An old bike wheel rim transforms into a rustic wall mirror with spray paint and creativity. Remove spokes, tires, and tubes. Clean the rim then spray paint with glossy finish like gold, silver, or copper. Glue a mirror pane inside rim using weatherproof adhesive, and hang horizontally, vertically or lean against a wall for artsy reflection.

Bike Tube Welcome Wreath

Adorn your front door for the season by shaping an old inner tube into a circular wreath. Inflate the tube slightly and tie into a ring using invisible thread or fishing line. Wrap greenery around the tube base and add embellishments like pinecones, berries, flowers, and a festive bow. Hang with a strong hanger and update decor as holidays change.

Backyard Obstacle Course

Transform a retired kid’s bike into part of a creative backyard obstacle course. Use upside down frames as tunnels to crawl under. Mount wheels vertically on posts for “spinning” challenges. Add pedals to balance beams. Hang tires from trees for swinging rings. Incorporate all kinds of household items too, like hula hoops and buckets.


Wheels, chains, sprockets, handlebars – with imagination, every piece of an old bike can be given a fun new purpose. Upcycling two-wheeled trash into handcrafted treasure is a win for sustainability and family bonding. Displaying your bike creations also spreads smiles to visitors and neighbors.

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