Are solar panels a viable electricity source for homes in 2022?

Amid rising climate-change concerns and India’s renewable energy goal to achieve 50% dependence on renewable energy by 2030, renewable energy sources, such as solar, hydro, wind, biomass energy etc., are gaining popularity.

The popularity of solar panels, perhaps the cheapest and easily accessible sources of harnessing renewable energy, has risen in the housing sector.

Fossil fuels, such as crude oil, coal and natural gas, comprise the world’s largest energy source. Even if these fuels are non-renewable, their affordability makes them the most sought-after energy source globally. However, with a change in our environmental concerns, and rising energy requirements, solar panels have gained widespread popularity.

From having benefits for everyone, right from an individual to the environment, widespread acceptance and installation of renewable energy sources, such as solar power, are necessary for sustainable development.

Thus, being cheap, affordable, and clean energy sources, solar panels are here to stay in 2022.

Homeowners in rural and urban India are rapidly shifting from traditional connections to installing solar panels. This shift from the conventional grid structure helps your house be power sufficient.

Although the starting cost of installation is higher, shifting to solar panels in residences offers several benefits to owners. The electricity bills drop manifold, with as much as 60% of the reduction in the electricity costs. Further, having a solar panel instead of the grid system ensures that your home will be lighting with its solely generated electricity for the next 25-30 years.

Due to the absence of any moving parts in the infrastructure, solar panels attract a small maintenance cost as their parts are made as per the wear and tear of extreme weather conditions. A solar panel system in your home ensures seamless and cheaper electricity and significantly helps increase the property cost. With this energy resource installed, houses enjoy a higher price than those connected with the old grid system.

Getting ‘off the grid’ and harnessing a cleaner and cheaper energy source via solar panels is an excellent move to reduce carbon footprints drastically. Houses that use solar energy reduce their carbon emissions by tons, equivalent to planting over 100 trees per year. These panels provide independence from providers who hike their prices on their whims and fancies, thus making it a safer and cheaper option once installed.

Thus, solar panels offer a wide range of benefits, including low prices, independence, and low-maintenance costs, to homes and homeowners who plan on establishing their green sources of energy. With technological progress and heightened environmental consciousness, one can only stand and witness the rise of solar power in the coming future.

If you want to install a solar panel in your home today, you can also finance your purchase through a specific solar panel loan. A home loan or personal instalment loans are also an excellent way to go about this. You can also purchase your solar project with a home equity loan or a line of credit. You can use Home Loan EMI Calculator to know more about the home loan interest rate and monthly payable instalments.

With these all-encompassing benefits and salient features, solar panels are not just viable but also necessary, not only for homes but for the environment as well. As we progress into our future, this renewable energy source would usher us into a future of sustainable energy.

Ambrose Lennon

The author Ambrose Lennon