The USA’s Top 5 Winter Watersport Destinations

Whether you’re finding out about the unrivalled thrills that come from watersports or you’re a seasoned adventurer looking to take their favourite activity to the next level, the United States has an amazing variety of destinations to explore. Because of its biodiversity and vastness, there are also a selection of destinations that make for incredible visits even during winter.

The season also brings about the potential to trial new winter water sports too, such as ice diving and snow kayaking, those which necessitate the brilliance of seasonal landscapes. There are many such places in the USA that not only offer the opportunity to enjoy these winter watersports but celebrate them, making use of natural environments to achieve the best experiences around.

Ketchikan, Alaska

Kayaking on the open waters of an Alaskan cove likely already appears on many bucket lists but Orca Cove in Ketchikan is one that should top all others. Here, among the icy sheets and cold winds, you can paddle your kayaking alongside groups of majestic orca whales.

The cove is a short boat ride away from Ketchikan and only small groups are taken out at any time meaning that, if you make the journey there, you will be rewarded with an amazing and intimate experience.

Lake Michigan

While open and oceanic waters are often at the top of people’s bucket lists, be sure you don’t forget lakes. There are a number of fantastic lakes within America with Lake Michigan being one of the most notable. Its size is so vast that it even has tides!

Lake Michigan is accessible from a few states, including Michigan itself, and has become a destination for many watersport enthusiasts, especially when it freezes over, giving people the perfect opportunity to ice dive, ice fish, or even try and paddle across it.

Lake Superior

If you’re a surfer, you may be familiar with the Icy Beard group or, more specifically, Dan Schetter. This dedicated group of surfers, it may surprise you, take to the waters of Lake Superior for their adventures, finding unbeatable joy in the freezing waters.

If you’re an avid surfer and you haven’t yet experienced the thrill of riding waters that are freckled with ice or are yet to feel the cold air literally freeze your hair together, then this destination might just be the best way to welcome in the New Year.

Yakutat, Alaska

Beneath the mountains and by the water sits the city of Yakutat. It is one of the least populated cities in Alaska with those living there keeping an amazing natural secret. Known as Icy Bay, this body of water is ideal for many winter watersports all year round, however, it is during the winter months when thrill-seekers will find the most return.

Lake Winnipesaukee

New Hampshire has an amazing selection of lakes and, yet, remains off the radar for watersports enthusiasts. Lake Winnipesaukee, however, is starting to break this trend with its budding ice sailing popularity.

During the winter months, it becomes covered in ice, making for an amazing sight, especially with the White Mountains in the background. As it still remains relatively undiscovered, it continues to be one of the most fantastic winter watersports destinations in the US.

Ambrose Lennon

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